Poly Studio P15

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Opt for excellent audio, video and microphones in one product. The Poly Studio P15 combines the best of three worlds and adds even more. What do you think of automatic framing and high-end noise reduction, for example? The Poly Studio P15 has it all. Best of all? You can connect all this technology with just 1 USB cable.
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With the Poly Studio P15 you are always in the center of attention. The automatic framing of the camera adapts dynamically to your position. Handy if you like to move during a call or online presentation. Handy extra functionality: the Studio P15 has an integrated USB hub, so you can easily connect a headset or other USB device via the video bar.

With the Poly Studio P15 you get a video bar with an excellent camera. The 4K camera has everything you need. An integrated shutter, automatic optical zoom lens and a smart sensor that provides the best exposure. So in terms of camera work, you are always on the right position with the Studio P15.

Poly Studio P15 make and receive calls without noise

Poly has long been known for the excellent audio quality of all products. The Studio P15 goes a step further. So you never have to repeat yourself. Background noise is automatically filtered out thanks to Noise Block AI and Acoustic Fence technology. In addition, the audio driver provides crystal clear sound. Always.

Easy to manage, locally and in the cloud

The Poly Studio P15 is suitable for home and office use. The management can be organized both from the cloud and locally. For example, easily ensure that all P15 in your organization are updated at once or use the desktop app at home for updates and support.

Suitable for all video platforms

Because the Poly Studio P15 automatically takes over the functionalities of your computer, it is suitable for all video platforms. Thanks to the certification by Zoom and Teams, you can count on the video bar to always work optimally with this software.

Poly Studio P15 specifications

  • Powerful speakers
  • High quality image sensor with 4K camera
  • Automatic framing and centering of the speaker
  • Noise Block AI and Acoustic Fence to eliminate background noise
  • Integrated privacy shuttle
  • Certified by Zoom and Microsoft Teams

What's in the box

  • Poly Studio P15
  • Removable monitor clip
  • Power adapter
  • USB-C cable (adapter to USB-A not included)
  • Installation sheet
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