DECT Choice Aid

Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications or DECT is an ETSI standard for digital cordless phones intended for home or office use. DECT can also be used for data transfer. DECT has been recognized as IMT-2000 technology by ITU, making it a part of 3G systems.

DECT devices

DECT devices are popular with different categories of users. For both home and professional use, the DECT technology can be very useful. Think of big offices, factory halls, warehouses, hospitals and department stores. TelecomHunter has a wide range of different A brands, suitable for both the business customer and the consumer.

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What are the benefits of DECT?

  • Quality of speech
  • Security of the speech channel against eavesdropping
  • Good mobility and wide range
  • High capacity network
  • Easy to expand and apply
  • Cost efficiency of the system components


The DECT wireless devices in our range have a variety of practical options and features. Consider answering machine, number recognition, handsfree function, large phone book and conference call option. In addition, many DECT devices are built very well so that they can be broken. We also included various waterproof or water repellent devices in our assortment. These devices are especially suitable for use on construction sites or in warehouses. Because of this wide variety, there is a device for everyone that suits your needs.


Thanks to the simple expandability of DECT systems, it is possible to use multiple devices. This makes it possible to easily increase the accessibility of staff or at home. The maximum number of devices is different from brand and base.

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GAP Connection

If you already have a DECT device of a particular brand, it is possible to make another brand or model work together. This can be thanks to the GAP (General Access Profile) function. Thanks to this technique, it is possible to use handsets and base stations from different brands, making expansion even easier.

Base and charging stations

In almost all cases, a DECT set has a base station. This base station is connected to the telephone line and provides the external call function, and the drive serves as a charging point. Additional handsets connected to this system make a wireless connection to the base station so that these devices can also be called. Additional handsets have their own charging station, which requires only one power outlet. This allows the user to choose where the devices will come. Internal calling is almost always free of charge between handsets and transferring very easily.

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