Hebben jullie mijn retourpakket ontvangen?

Returns & Warranty

  • If you wish to claim a warranty or to return your products, always report your return by email: support@telecomsupplier.com, including your order number and name.
  • We would like you to report your desired return or warranty shipment within 5 working days after receipt or defect at TelecomSupplier. Include the packing list or invoice and select or mark which products you want to return.
  • The customer is required to (in case of any warranty or return issue) return the relevant items to TelecomSupplier in original packaging and in perfect condition. Including the provided packing list or an invoice copy.
  • You can ship your return package to the sender address, which is Pine Supplies B.V. Nobelstraat 20, 3846 CG Harderwijk, The Netherlands.
  • After we receive your warranty return package, TelecomSupplier will replace the defective item with a working product and return it to you within 5 working days. We will always keep you updated by email.


  • When your full-return shipment has been received by TelecomSupplier, we will refund the complete invoice amount within 5 business days. We will notify you by e-mail of the refund progress..
  • If you send a partial return shipment, TelecomSupplier will refund a partial invoice amount within 5 business days. This is based on the supplied packing list or invoice.
  • Creditcard or PayPal payments are credited to the corresponding account, this credit will be shown with your next monthly creditcard settlement. With PayPal, you can consult the credited amount yourself.
  • TelecomSupplier will refund the amount due for bank payments to the bank account or IBAN number where the initial payment originated from.
  • If you have ordered by invoice, we will deduct the refund amount on your existing invoice, and send an updated invoice. If the invoice is already paid by you, you will be refunded the outstanding amount by bank.
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