Deskphones - Digital, Analog and VoIP

TelecomSupplier has a wide range of VoIP, digital and analogue devices, conference devices and A-brand accessories from the following leading brands: Avaya, Polycom, Cisco and Yealink.

A durable and affordable alternative to new devices, are the phones from our Remanufactured line. Fully checked, tested, cleaned and reset with one year warranty! Below is an overview of the 3 different techniques that are used in practice.

DECT VOIP Analog Digital



An analog device operates on a regular telephone line. It is possible to connect 1 phone number to this line, which can be called. When the available phone line is in a call, a new incoming caller will hear a busy tone. It is therefore possible to start 1 conversation per telephone line. If you only have an analogue connection, the use of the internet during calling is not possible.

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With a digital connection, you still call analogue. In this case, however, your phone line is split into a telephone line and an internet connection. You still have 1 phone number and are therefore available for a single contact at the same time. However, an ADSL connection allows you to make use of the internet during the call.

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VoIP telephony or shortened IP telephony is Voice over IP. This involves telephony over the internet. With a VoIP subscription, the user gets a cabinet on which you can connect an analog phone. In this case, one can simply choose a phone that is suitable for the analogue line. In order to make an internet call with an IP phone, it is important to have a SIP account. The user then receives a special phone number that only works with IP telephony. The possibilities depend on the provider.

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