Logitech Zone Wired UC USB headset Second Chance

Logitech Zone Wired UC USB headset Second Chance

Logitech Zone Wired Earbuds Microsoft Teams

Logitech Zone Wired Earbuds Microsoft Teams

Logitech Zone True Wireless

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The Logitech Zone True Wireless earbuds set a new standard in the market. Both earbuds have three microphones that provide excellent filtering of almost all background noise. This way you can always and everywhere be heard as if you are alone in a closed room. In addition, enjoy undisturbed work thanks to the integrated active noise cancellation (ANC). Connect the earbuds to your computer and smartphone at the same time and easily set them up via the Logi Tune app.
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The range of wireless earbuds on the market is very large. But Logitech sets the bar very high in the field of sound quality with the Logitech Zone True Wireless earbuds. In addition to an excellent set of a total of 6 microphones, you enjoy excellent audio performance. when listening to your conversation partner and listening to music, so you are always perfectly connected.

Crystal clear sound

In total, the Logitech Zone True Wireless has six microphones; three per earbud. The inner microphone registers everything you say via bone conduction. The outer microphones record all other outside sounds. The smart software then ensures that all external sounds are filtered, so that only you can be heard by your conversation partner. Provide professional sound quality. Everywhere.

Easily enable and disable ANC

Do you prefer to wear your earplugs all day long? Then Adaptive Hybrid Active Noise Canceling is ideal. For example, switch it on to work undisturbed in a noisy environment. Are you on the road in the car or do you want to have a conversation with a colleague? Tap the earbud once and the ANC is off so you can just hear the sounds around you. This way you have maximum control over the sounds in your environment.

Simultaneously Connected

Connect the Logitech Zone True Wireless to your smartphone and computer simultaneously to always be connected. With the included USB-A dongle, you ensure an extra reliable connection between the earbuds and your computer. Switch easily between two active sound sources and never miss a call.

Battery life

You can easily charge the earbuds in the included charging case. When the earbuds are fully charged, you can at least call them undisturbed for 6 hours or listen to music for 9 hours. If you switch off your ANC, you can extend this by half an hour or even 3 hours, respectively. If the battery of your earbuds is dead, put them in the charging case for 5 minutes for an extra hour of talk time. You can charge the charging case wirelessly or with the included USB cable.

Logitech Zone True Wireless Specifications

  • Premium audio with smart noise cancellation
  • Talk time of 6 hours with ANC or 6.5 hours without ANC
  • Wireless and wired rechargeable charging case
  • Connect to two devices simultaneously
  • ANC easy to turn on and off
  • Suitable for Teams, Zoom, Google Voice, Google Meet, Webex, GoTo software and many other applications

What's in the box

  • Logitech Zone True Wireless earbuds
  • charging case
  • USB cable
  • Documentation
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