Neat AMI2000-ATOM Wireless Alarm

Neat AMI2000-ATOM Wireless Alarm

Neat AMI2000 Battery

Neat AMI2000 Battery

Neat AMI2000 Alarm Device

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Safety is an important factor to be able to continue living independently. An alarm device ensures a quick response by healthcare personnel or family if something does happen. The AMI2000 is a complete alarm system and comes with an alarm transmitter, bracelet, safety cord and power adapter.

The AMI2000 is an alarm device for the elderly and people in need of help who, for example, live independently at home, in a residential care complex for seniors or a care home.


The base station of the AMI2000 includes a battery pack as standard so that the alarm also functions in the event of a power failure. This battery pack is a rechargeable NiMH battery of 3 Volt and has a capacity of approximately 80 hours.

If the base station (AMI2000/3) beeps and the yellow LED is on, it means that the battery is empty. In this case, first check whether the adapter is connected so that the battery can recharge. If this does not solve the problem, the battery is exhausted. In this case, order a new battery.

e AMI2000 comes standard with an alarm transmitter, 230V AC adapter, bracelet and safety cord. The alarm device can be connected to an analog telephone line and the telephone in the home can be connected to the device via a separate port. This port is equipped with a pre-selection switch so that, if the telephone line is busy, the call is disconnected in the event of an alarm. The AMI2000 can then send the alarm.

The AMI2000 complies with the latest European EN50134 -2 and -3 standards in the field of social alarms. This means, among other things, that the AMI2000 alarms on a transmission frequency of 869.2 to 869.25 MHz. This frequency is specially reserved for social alarms. The AMI2000 is equipped with 8 alarm locations, so you can register a maximum of 8 alarm transmitters. This can be an alarm transmitter with alarm button and wireless interfaces.

You can link various wireless interfaces to the AMI2000 with various functions. For example, an interface is available with inputs and / or outputs or a repeater interface that extends the range of the alarm transmitter. With a wireless pull contact, motion detector or smoke detector you can then install a complete and wireless care alarm system in the home.

Features of the AMI2000:

  • Modern and compact design
  • Register alarm transmitters quickly and easily
  • 4 programmable telephone numbers
  • Large red illuminated alarm button
  • Plastic speaker, insensitive to moisture. Additional programmable alarm button
  • Suitable for wall mounting
  • Programmable with software or by telephone with programming codes
  • Radio range test built-in preset circuit
  • The AMI2000 complies with the EN50134 standard
  • Suitable for up to 8 alarm transmitters
  • Equipped with a battery for 80 hours of emergency power
  • Compact 230VAC adapter
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